Shikata Shotokan Karate.

Chairman Chief Instructor ssk Sensei D Grice 6th Dan

Short introduction to Sensei David Grice born 07/10/46 in Great Moor Stockport Cheshire.

Sensei David Grice 7th Dan Chairman Chief instructor of the Shikata Shotokan Karate and Little Jag's Sensei Grice started his training in the martial arts in stockport in 1960 doing judo at the dialstone school offerton. And then white Crane in new mills very different style. In 1973 he joined the K.U.G.B training with J Tilly very hard man is sessions were very intense is club was in Stockport were i took my grades taking my first grade and passing up to 8th kyu with Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda on the 23/02/74.Whiles wasting to take the grading Sensei Enoeda would work on the makiwara the power of this man was phenomenal it was a privilege to grade with such a powerful and experience man. In 1976 he then went on to train with Billy Higgins another exceptional fighter,I trained in wigan and the howe bridge center Entering many competitions individual and team with the howe bridge team. S.S.K open team third kumite 1979 north of england open championships third team kumite 1979 and moderate successes in comp all over the country and was a long standing member of the KUGB. and has continued to train every week up to present day. And is still training and teaching.

Sensei Grice has trained with many top Japanese and English instructors including sensei Keigo Abe Keinosuke Enoeda. and a very good friend of mine Sensei Paul. Sensei Grice also entered many competition all over the country with moderate assesses.

Sensei Grice is now running his Little Jag's clubs with his senior grades Sensei M Moore C Moore and his junior instructors L Lagrosse, M Ellis

Sensei Grice took is 6th Dan with Sensei Abe 9th Dan J.S.K.A.

Sensei D Grice Has instructed in schools Run competition for the schools. Young mums Self-defence class in the community center's in stockport. Trained many students from his own club and other clubs to competition standards wining gold and bronze at world and local competitions And is still keeping shotokan karate going strong in Stockport. come and see the clubs when you are in town. bring your Gi or something comfortable to wear (First lesson free.)

Chairman chief instructor S.S.K. Sensei D Grice 7th Dan.

Chairman chief instructor little jags Sensei D Grice 7th Dan

Japan Shotokan Karate Association J.S.K.A. Sensei Abe 9th Dan

Sensei D Grice is Enhanced D.B.S. Checked.

Sports coach UK Safeguard and Protecting Children.

Equity in your Coaching.

First aid and emergency treatment of casualties.

A club for all.

Registered on Stockport's instructors register.

And is very well respected within the Offerton and Stockport communities for his teaching of Children and Families.



The Andrew Bennett Trophy very close to sensei Grice.
Sensei D Grice and senior students breaking wood in the early days at a local school demo in stockport This was the clubs first demo and the students were asked to do many more,
Sensei Abe Sensei Grice
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