Some of the presentation by the referees congratulating all the children on taking part
Some comp action shots
The Girls

The S.S.K. Little Jag's team arrived at the competition in good spirits on

Sunday morning.

Well done to the Little Jag's (B) team on winning Bronze in the team Kata. (Louis,Kieran and Jordan).

The first up was Kieran in individual Kata he put on a good and strong Kata but was just piped at the post into fourth place well done, next up was Jordan again a very good and strong Kata well done and last but not least Lucy again very good and strong Kata well done to you all better luck next time.

Later on was the Little Jag's team Kata Lucy, Meredith and Jamiilah (A) team, and (B) team Louis,Kieran and Jordan these are new teams and their first competition, they performed excellently although nerves were a key factor in their performance, but with more practice this will be a good and winning teams in the future (well done).

Well done to the Little Jag's B team on winning bronze keep up the good work.

Next was the Kumite, again Kieran was first up and put up a good fight and got through to the second round. Then louis again going into the second round and executing a fantastic Mawashi-Geri jodan, then Jordan also through to the second round. well done to you all

The parents of the students would just like to thank sensei grice for all his hard work on the day and for helping them to win bronze.

More hard training see you in the dojo Sensei Grice.


boys team kata bronze winners
The boys and girls team
The girls team kata
Louis kumite on the left
Jordan kumite on the right.
Kieran kumite on the left
comp pics team kata
Black and Brown belt Kumite winners
White to Purple and White Kumite winners
Little Jag's Special comp winners
White to Purple and White Kata Winners
Black and Brown belt kata winners

Shikata Shotokan Karate team arrived at the Velodrome early in the morning on Saturday along with over 500 other competitors. The Championships opened with a procession onto the arena of all the country's with their respective flags there were competitors from Australia, South Africa, India, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium to name just a few and of course from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and all over England. After our team had been led onto the arena by the Union-Jack they went on to warm up and find their respective areas for the start of the competition the team were in high spirits with just a few nerves. The arena had 8 areas and began on Saturday with the Kata events. The individual Kata was split into age categories ranging from 8-9yrs to veterans. First to represent the S.S.K. was Rebecca, Elizabeth and Katherine in the 10-11 female Kata the girls performed strongly with Katherine getting through to the 2nd round. Meredith and Lucy went on in the 12-13 female Kata and again exacted strong Kata with excellent form both going through to the 2nd round, Lucy then came up against the overall winner, Louis put on a fine performance in the male 10-11yrs Kata as did Brendan in the male 12-13 yrs Kata and Kieran got through to the finals in the 8-9 male Kata and was 0.1 point short of the bronze. Darryl was last up for the S.S.K. performing a strong Kata in the 35-44 yrs male Kata. Jordan unfortunately had injured his finger and was unable to compete but he came along and supported the team on both days which was appreciated, Saturday finished and everybody was pleased with there performance.

Sunday, Day 2 of the competition another early start for the competitors who were raring to go, with just a few nerves, the S.S.K. team met up outside the velodrome then entered the arena warming up area together to await the start of the kumite events. The day started with team kumite so our team had a lot of waiting around to do, just before lunchtime Rebecca put up a good fight in the 10-11 female kumite followed by louis in the 10-11 male kumite. There was quite a long wait before Kieran took part in the 8-9 Ippon kumite, he followed Sensei Grice's instruction well and had good form and attitude which won him the gold medal so the S.S.K. now has a world champion in their midst. Thomas later took part in the 14-15 male kumite this was a large group and Thomas got through to the 2nd round, lucy was last to take part at gone 6 O'clock and even after such a long day she put on a sterling performance lasting the whole time against a very strong opponent. Overall the world championships was a brilliant experience the standard of the competition in both kata and kumite was extremely high and we are really proud of the S.S.K. team who performed admirably on both days and showed good support for one another. Sensei D Grice, I would just like to thank L Grice for all her hard work on organizing all the students on both days (thanks)

winning team in action
Japan Shotokan Karate U/K World Championships Manchester Velodrome 2008
Student taking part in the J.S.K.A world championships Manchester Velodrome 2008
Ladies's Kata Meredith front
S.S.K. Student walking on under the union- jack
Ladies Kata Lucy
Rebecca Kumite Left of picture
Kieran gold medal Ippon Kumite
Louis Kumite Left of picture
Ben and Louis. louis round house kick.
Daniel and Meredith
Darrel and Louis
Mike and Alex
Mike and Dean
Becky and Darrel
Ryan and Meredith
Abigail and Meredith
Winner of the little jags
Winners of the kata
Joshua and Darrel
Winner of the Kumite
Nathan and Mike
Darrel left of picture individual Kata

The competition Started of with the Kata event up to the semifinals then a short break. After the break it then went on to the Kumite event up to the semifinals then a short break. After the break All the parents seated around the area for the finals of the Kata and the Kumite all egging there children on to win I think some times the parents wanted to take part. Brilliant competition and all the children were fantastic Sensei D Grice was very happy with the competition. All the children were very well behaved. there school should be prowed of them. And a very big thanks to the referee and the time keepers for all there hard work on the day.Also Thanks to Don and Zoe Sensei D Grice.

Competition presentation
Christmas competition results at the lapwing centre brinnington 2010 thanks to the referees, time keepers and of course the centre's staff for all there help on the day for more info visit our little jag's website have a nice christmas.
Results from the summer competition at the Lapwing centre 2011 thanks to all that took part in running of the competition Have a good holiday and get ready for training hard after your holls have fun Sensei and his team Colette,Mike,Lesley,Lucy and louis
The team from the Northern Open Classic 2011
Lucy Meredith bronze in there events well done girls Sensei n.o.c.
Left of pic georgina reverse punch n.o.c.
Right of pic lucy front kick n.o.c.
Meredith Kata n.o.c.
Little Jags on there way to the comp sunday morning n.o.c.
Little Jags team
B.S.K. Open competition Oldham 2011 some pics and medals
Dean winner of the kumite winning gold s.s.k.
Dayaan Safiyan silver bronze winners kumite s.s.k.
Abby silver winner kumite s.s.k.
Meradith kata s.s.k.
giancarlo kumite yellow belt s.s.k.
Lucy kata s.s.k.
Tilly kata s.s.k.
Summer comp 2006 bramhall
Some pics from the compertition 2014 well done to every one that took part
Some pics from the 2015 comp Bramhall
Some Pics 2016 Christmas Comp Bramhall Sports centre
Compertition picks 2013
Comp pics 2012
Pictures from the 2018 compertition at Bramhall Life leisure
Some pics from the 2018 Christmas comp at Bramhall Centre


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